Monday, June 13, 2011

In Safe Hands - For Father's day !!

Putti made this simple Handprint Art as a Father's day gift to her 'Appa- Daddy' !! Hand and footprint artworks are my favorites as it makes it so personal and Putti loves tracing her and our hand and feet as you have seen here :)

This is so very simple, there is hardly anything to write about it. First she traced her appa's hand.
And then lay her hand within his traced hand and drew around her hand. 
As always she added nails..
I wanted to stop at this, but she wanted to color them. So, I asked her to color her hand first and then appa's. She wrote down the words too as I spelled it out for her.
Putti all ready to give to her Appa :)
  • Painted handprints in the similar way might look nice too.
  • For older kids who are interested in sewing, you can ask them to stitch over the handprints.
  • Can make these on stretched canvas for a very artistic look!
What are your kids making for Father's Day?

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