Friday, June 3, 2011

Glue Rubbings !!

We had a lot of fun making these "Glue Rubbings" last weekend. These  rubbings are so easy to make

Materials you Need: Glue, Cardboard, White Paper, Crayons and Paper clips

Cut your cardboard to size.  I used cereal box cardboard. 

With the glue, just "draw" your picture.  For younger kids you can draw the image first on the cardboard and then trace over it with glue.

 Allow the glue drawings to dry over night (thicker areas take longer).
 Once dry, place a sheet of white paper over the cardboard. To keep the cardboard in place while rubbing, use a paper clip to clip the paper and cardboard together. Rub with crayons holding the crayons flat.

And Off course, putti had to make some salt paintings too.. you can read more about it in my earlier post here
1. Draw design with glue (You can do this step for littlest kids)
2. Pour salt over the glue.
3 & 4 Tilt the cardboard to remove the excess salt
5. Take a paintbrush dipped in watercolors or food colors and gently touch the tip of the brush to salty drawing! See how the salt absorbs the colors, Magic :)
6. End Result - Salt Painting

Have fun creating some Glue Rubbings with the little ones in your life!
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My daughter did this with the green colored glue which is available in pink too! It dries to a translucent green and pink! Good for fine motor control!

We'll have to do some rubbings too! I don't know why I didn't think to do that wit our glue drawings? Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for the mention! Thanks for the inspiration!

@Dr Sonia S Vwow you get colored glue!! Awesome:)) Guess I need to do some art supply shopping in 'namma bengaluru' this time!

@Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree
haha You know thats exactly what I thought when I saw your glue prints "why dint I think of it'" ?
But then isnt awesome to get inspired from each other :)) I love this blog learning:)
Thanks Thanks and Thanks!!

very nice to see those tender hands on work and its creative shades. well done!

Fun! My daughter loved doing nature rubbings, we'll have to try this.

Ooooh and ANOTHER fun idea! Haven't seen working with glue in this way before!!

Thanks again for linking up over at Red Ted Art!!!


That is a great idea! I have never seen something like that before! Thanks for linking up and make sure to stop by every Sunday
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You always have such great ideas - love this one.

I really wanna give this a shot! Resulting rubbings look really good. Thanks for adding it to High paw!

Thanks Aimee, Cathy and Michelle for your sweet comments !! *BEAM*

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