Thursday, June 16, 2011

Colorful rays around shapes and a picture for dad !!

 This activity was inspired by this post.  They had used oil pastels which we do not have. So We tried them with 'Alex Creamy Crayons'.
First I drew some simple geometric shapes on a piece of cardstock (can use cereal box too) which putti cut. Placed the shape on a scrap piece of paper and let putti color the edges with creamy crayons.
 Then I gently stick the colored shape to a white card with a piece of painters tape. Using one finger rub the creamy crayon colors off the shape onto the white card stock creating colorful rays. Putti had a bit of trouble with this step and I had to encourage her a lot to keep rubbing and help her at times!
 Remove the shape to reveal a beautiful outline. Looks very pretty!
 She made them into our faces and labelled them too.. Anything round, she will try and make them into faces:)
 Geometric shapes.. I encouraged her to use multiple colors this time
 The face gave me an idea to make another simple picture gift for her appa. The first gift she made is here. I cut the letters D,A,D from card, a round for the face and we repeated the entire process. And then  she painted over it with liquid watercolor.  
 The crayons resisted the watercolor creating a beautiful piece.  I love it!

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So lovely! Love how you made faces out of the "rays". Beautiful!

Thank you (as always!) for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


I really like the look of this effect - it would be easy for toddlers - I think I'll try it - especially with shapes!

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Love this idea and the effect is so pleasant! The keep-sake for the dad turned out so beautiful...

@LeeanneA / KMullally Hope your kids like it, mine did not actually enjoy the rubbing process. But she loved the end results:)

@MalaThank you letting me know about this. I have heard about DLI, good to know you can download books!

@MommyLabs Thank you rashmie!! The round ones look like sun to me, but putti saw faces in them:)

I love the effect. It's nice that she always makes faces - maybe she's going to be a real people person.

Wow . Nice idea .. Will try out with my daugter too :)

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