Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spin Art Caterpillar !!

My last post is on how to create Spin Art with Plates, CD and a Lid check that out first (if you have not yet) to get an idea what I am talking about! The same day I had let putti try it with Gerber baby food jar too. First place the jar upside down and squirt some paint on the bottom.

Then flip the jar onto the paper and turn it few times.. lift the jar to see the spin art. Repeat the process as many times as you want... She pointed it looks like a caterpillar !!

But soon realised she could slide the bottle over the paper to create tracks...
And she moved and moved..
Until finally the whole paper was covered.....
Next she said she really wanted to make a 'caterpillar' and this time she did :) First with finger paints
Then used crayola washable paint bcos there are more color options.. 

When dry add legs, eyes and antennae with a black marker !!

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This is awesome! We will definitely be doing this soon!

That is really cool! My son just made a caterpillar craft at preschool and it is super cute too. Come on over and link up with Fun for Kids Friday.

Love u Putti!!you are so creative...go ahead with these kind of things..God bless you!!!

There is no stopping you now!! The caterpillar is BEAUTIFUL! I LIKE A LOT!

Thanks again for linking this week!


@Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree, Thank you!! You are inspiring too:)

simply superb.....!!!!luv the colors..:)))))well done putti...

That is such a great idea! And how pretty! A great activity to share the idea of mixing colors too! Thanks for sharing this at For the Kids Friday at SunScholars! I'm off to share this post with my Facebook friends!

Thank you everyone for all your likes, sweet comments and for sharing it with your readers!

This is such a cute idea! I love it. I also like how she explored and then wanted to do it over again to make it look like a caterpillar. She is so creative.

This looks awesome Roopa! Putti did really great! :)

Featuring this post on new High paw post. It was very hard to decide this week which links to feature. But then again, it's great! :) More play ideas for all! ;)

oh! absolutely FANTASTIC! thank you for sharing!

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