Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hopscotch Fun !!

Putti and I have been playing Hopscotch for a couple of weeks now. She is yet to learn to hop with one foot and also have not yet started using  a toss/stone/bean bag. She just loves hopping over all the numbers.

She sings the rhyme "One two buckle my shoe" as she jumps into the corresponding numbered box. I picked this hint from her and started singing the number rhyme in my native language 'kannada' and she learned the song by heart soon. You can the video here.
 I also call out a number and ask if she can please go and stand on the number called. We take turns with this and she loves to correct me when I make a mistake and go stand in the wrong number ;)

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I loved playing hopscotch as a girl! I think my older daughter is just about ready for this too, thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for linking this to Outdoor Play!

That looks like she is focusing so hard! So cute!!

A great reminder that games from our own childhoods are still fun for kids today.

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