Monday, May 23, 2011

Egg blowing, painting with nail polish and marbling...

This is one activity I have been wanting to try with putti, after seeing all the wonderful egg painting activities during Easter. I am a vegetarian by choice thou I do cook Non veg for him and putti, but no touching/tasting.
So I had to wait for DH to be with her, on weekdays by the time he gets home, its almost bedtime for putti aah the life of a postdoc!! Has been working couple of weekends too. But one fine day last month, he and putti got to work and she really enjoyed the process of blowing the contents of the egg out :)

Then he washed them with warm water and when dry, I asked her if she wanted to paint them or glue 'stuff' to make birds/animals. She chose to paint and wanted to paint them with nail polish!! Maybe because she had painted her nails just that day and it was still lying on her table.
We made the hole little bit bigger in the egg and stuck it to a pen to make it easier for her to hold.
She made some stripes, a face and some flowers... Eggs drying...
Then I passed a thread through the egg and put a plastic needle for her to thread beads on it. Finally tied them all outside in our patio...
Since she came up the nail polish painting, I wanted her to try marbling with it ( don't remember where I had seen this idea). But she was not ready for it, as she was getting worried we might use up all of her colors. So i promised her if that happens I will buy her new nail polish and then she was ready to try, but said 'lets make small paintings'.
First I poured water just to cover the bottom of the plate and then she put some drops of nail polsih over it

And swirled it with a toothpick

Lay a paper over it and lift off Ta- da !!
The nail polish has fruity smell when dried, so sort of became a 'sniff card' :)

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Wow kudos to you for trying the egg painting. I am a die hard nonveg but the smell of raw eggs is something I dont like so several times after thinking of this I had to give up the idea!

We did nail polish marbling as well. My girls loved it.

Pretty print on the eggs! My mom used to paint the less expensive nail polish on pistachio shells and make beautiful crafts. I will tell her about your craft.

Cool, I like those ideas!! The eggs look great :)

Oh I bet she loved the egg blowing! We did some for Easter, though I couldn't let my son have a go yet! Maybe next year! Love the nail varnish idea - fun and colourful!

Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty! Appreciate your visit!


Mmmh not sure my last comment saved... but love the nail varnish idea!

Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty! Appreciate your visit!


I love how you made a mobile out of it. That is too cute! Thanks for linking up with Fun for kids Friday! Have a great weekend! Heather @ localfunforkids

very pretty. I would have never thought to use nail polish. They look very fun.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and all your sweet comments :)

Thank you everyone for stopping by and all your sweet comments :)
I saw ur post, looks beautiful !!
Oh she loved it a lot! I too was not sure, but after seeing some little kids try at various blogs, I had to let putti try it and im glad i did :)

Have to say that I love marble pictures. :)

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