Friday, May 6, 2011

Cardboard Box Challenge - So many ways to play !!

I am so glad I accepted this challenge to let putti play with cardboard boxes, she had lots of fun playing/ painting with them. Love these crazy creatures she made!!

I was very excited when Rachelle from Tinkerlab invited us to participate in the Cardboard box challenge as part of their First Year Blogiversary. Congratulations to Tinkerlab!!!
The Idea was that the project be executed by children (process-based art, rather than craft), but adults could facilitate or collaborate.  I gladly accepted to take part because Putti enjoys playing with the cardboard boxes. Kids always like the box better than what is inside dont you think so? You will agree with me by the end of the post!! Dont forget to check all other participants posts, they are all professional teachers and artist parents with amazing ideas...

She has loved them even as a baby, loved exploring the boxes. Used to be really happy to climb in and out and enjoy herself just sitting inside one. Hemanth would often push her around in one. She had lots of fun and kept asking for more box rides :-) She enjoyed taking little plastic lids, books, some of her toys in and out of boxes. One of such picture..
 I did not have any big boxes around and also did not do many outside activities as I was busy lazy to carry all the boxes 2 floors down from my apartment. So just gave whatever boxes i had at hand to putti and allowed her to play with them. She was sooo happy with the pile I gave her, I feel kids need very little things to be happy!!

Putti, putti what do you see/make ?

I see building blocks looking at me...
I built a road for my car...
I see a bridge for the car to pass through....
I see alphabets...... M, H, N
I see a cart for my dolls....
To make it easy for her to pull along, i punched a hole and tied a ribbon.

I play peek a boo....
I use shoes for gliding.....
I made houses...Buildings with lots of windows are her current obbsession !!
I see a face...(this was a pasta box)

I can paint on them...
She made lines and dots with qtips, painted green windows and doors to make a house, painted some shaped faces, drew and colored plenty of moons !! Guess these will make cool giftboxes or goody bags:)

I made crazy faces.... puppets

I splat painted on them...

More pictures and details of our splat painting is here

Do you let your kids play with empty cardboard boxes?

Be sure to check out Tinkerlab's post with links to 20+ other amazing parents who are posting today about "Playing with the Cardboard Box". Make sure to check all the other people's posts, remember many are professionals so you will get great ideas and get inspired to play with cardboard boxes!!! I am sure you will agree that these Boxes are endless FUN!!

***Thanks for the Inspiration Tinkerlab!***

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This is a Great Post! Boxes are WONDERFUL!! Love all the activities that your daughter is doing with boxes!!! She looks so happy!

So many neat things to do with them! Love the idea of using them as gift boxes!
I am your newest follower!!

Wonderful post, Roopa! Putti is such a fun kid! It's heart warming to see how she enjoyed with with mere boxes in so many unique ways!

I love seeing all of the ideas Putti has for those boxes. It's endless, isn't it? The way that she's exploring the box's possibilities is the true work of an innovator -- she's pushing the envelope of the material's possibilities, which is a skill that will serve her very well in the years to come. Thank you, Roopa, for being part of this collaboration!

Oh you are quite right! There are so many different ways to play with cardboard boxes and you have some wonderful ones here!!! The faces are great! As is the splat painting and I love the houses!

Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty ;-)


Thanks every one for the comments!! And Rachelle, thanks to YOU for starting this. It was so much fun!

My kids love a good cardboard box. Today I got a package and my son was so glad for the box. He was only disappointed it wasn't quiet big enough to make a house. That is the best! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, you girls had sooo much fun! :) Love all the ideas! Great way to put to use empty boxes before recycling!

So much fun with boxes. Children can learn so many things without spending a heap of money. Lovely post.

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