Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Building Castles with Foam Pieces !!!

Craft Foam sticks to smooth surfaces and they are so much fun for kids to play with. We build some castles on our windows using just water.

The inspiration for this fun project came from a wonderful blog, The Imagination Tree and after she mentioned in her post I recalled seeing it on another great blog filled with lots of fun filled creative ideas Filth Wizardry. They have made some fun shapes like sun, trees, chick, etc. But I chose to make blocks for putti to play with as they are easier for me to cut :) I bought a packet of 32 sheets of 4X6" craft foam from Dollar Tree!
I used 12 of these sheets and using a paper cutter cut traditional block shapes- squares, rectangles and triangles.  I used consistent sizing so the 'blocks' would fit together. I cut squares in 2x2 , rectangles in 2x4 and triangles were squares cut in half on the diagonal. I had 42squares, 12 rectangles and 12 triangles. So, this project cost me less than 50 Cents!!
Then let Putti have FUN playing "blocks",  making castles and houses on our patio Window. Just gave her a bowl filled with water and all she had to do was dip the foam pieces in water and stick them onto window!!
She was amazed to see how well these stick to window just like foam stickers!! She enjoyed this more than the stickers because she could recreate so many things, by moving them around with these.

Makes me think I should have cut some cool arch pieces, Next time maybe!   

Soon she realized the foam sticks easily on top of itself, so wanted to try how many of these squares stick to each other before falling off !! This was done in the bath tub..

She sorted and grouped the pieces by color and then made this

Also made this counting blocks

She had to spell her name, she had some help thou...

I love that this simple, cheap activity has lots of potential. And as you can see on other two blogs, this is an easy activity  that even the youngest kid can play with. And the possibilities are endless.  You could make some repeating and symmetrical patterns too. You can do this on window, refrigerator door, bathroom walls....
If you try this, let me know how it turns out. Have fun!

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I love these foam shapes ideas! A friend just showed me that she made these for her daughter, and I immediately went out and bought some (pre-cut for lazy/busy moms) foam shapes. I can't wait to try them out with my little peas!

I have come over from The Imagination Tree where I saw that you linked to It's Playtime.

I have been lingering here a while and have enjoyed seeing so many of your creative ideas.

I am looking forward to following your inspiring blog.

This is wonderful! I love how cheep it was for you to make it too. Endless fun with geometric shapes. You inspire me!

How colourful and fun. Great for the window - on both a sunny and a rainy day! Love it!

Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty.. much appreciated!

You're always giving me great ideas! Thank you, now I know what to do with the craft foam someone gave us!

@Mama Pea Pod Ahh Im sure your girls will have loads of fun! I too am lazy and hence instead of cutting cute shapes, found the short cut with a cutter!!

@Elise Thanks for stopping! Am glad you liked some of our posts, hope you try with ur little ones too.

@Art For Little HandsThank you! If you have noticed, I always try to utilise things found at home or something super cheap:)

@RedTedArtThank you Maggy! Living in HOT Florida, we need more of sunny day activities :))

Thank you hosting!

We definitely need to try this! Thanks for the inspiration.

You're welcome to come link up with me at:

This idea is awesome. Minimal costs and maximum potential. Impressive!!

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