Monday, April 11, 2011

Tracing hands, feet and toys...

Putti loves drawing around hands.....her, mine and occasionally dad's and then coloring them some of which you can see here. She keeps asking me to draw around her feet too.
And her drawings have improved a lot. This one is my hand on 2 Aug 2010...
 And then on 29 Nov 2010....
And the latest..
Putti's hand
I traced her right hand and painted on the left hand:) 
 Recently, this has led her to the idea of drawing around her toys. I had to hold the toys for her to avoid them moving..
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Tracing around toys is a great idea! That's fun!

You take the simple things in life and make them elegant and fun. I can tell that you see the world from a child's point of view.

That's SO cute! Thanks for sharing at It's Playtime!

Thank you for ur sweet comments! Your blog inspires us a lot....

Oh my these are fabulous! Looks like your daughter is doing really well. Like the idea of tracing toys! What fun!!

Thank you for your fab linking up!!


I love this. My girls draw all of the time and use stencils a lot as well, but I love the simplicity of simpling tracing an everyday object and then filling in the missing pieces.
I am loving reading your blog posts!

Oh, this is an interesting idea - I think L would love it.

Stencils oh ya that will be fun too, thanks for sharing!! Guess i need to buy some to play with:)
Thank you

Thank you. I guess this can be made into an matching game too..

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