Friday, April 22, 2011

Tissue box Chicken !

One more entry for the Tissue box challenge, this time we made this chicken!!
I did not have any tissue box at hand when i learnt about the challenge. Had to wait until we emptied one to make something. And as many of you know all my art/craft adventures started only after/with putti. So, i had to search for ideas on web to do something. And i saw that most of it was already done and linked to contest. And then i saw this on 'Aunt Peaches' and she has a great tutorial for it with pictures. Loved the fact that it has 'handprints' and also glue which means putti would enjoy!! So we made it... Well its simple to make.

I made slits in the top part of the box with scissors and folded them inward. Then traced putti's hand onto paper. I used some of her pencil scribbled sheets yay!! more upcycling :) and cut them out. Curled up the fingers (feathers) using a pencil.  I wrapped the outside of the box with white paper, that way even if putti leaves gap in between the hands, the print on the box is not seen.
And then putti glued them first onto inside of the box.
 I asked her to glue them close to each other and she did a great job! Infact she overlapped at places but thats okay.
 Then do the outside.
 Cut the head template (from Aunt Peachs website) and glued it to front. Filled the chicken's tummy with eggs;) Putti played with it saying her chicken is making lots of eggs :))
Stapled a piece of white ribbon as handles and a lovely basket to collect the eggs!!
This would make a nice Easter center piece too!! .

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Oh what a great way to use you tissue box!! Clever to do the feathers with the hand cut outs! Love it!! Judging the competition will be super hard! :-(

Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty again this week - love your visits!


Adorable! I love the hand cut feathers! That's so cute and the white color is so dreamy:-)

Awesome idea. So creative. I love that it is made out of the kids hands.

Thanks for linking up to my child centered art party! Hope to see you back every week.

Thank you!! You did a fantastic job judging, happy that some favorites of mine own, yay:)
And thanks for the special mention.

@Art For Little Hands
Thank you for hosting the linkup and giving us an opportunity to share with more people.
We love hand/finger/footprint arts and thats why I chose to make this:)

Adorable! I love the hand cut feathers! That's so cute and the white color is so dreamy:-)

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