Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun with Q tips !!!

This fun activity kept my 39 month old engaged for a long time and  I am sure we will do it again often. And the added bonus is that it is great for building fine-motor skills, learning some geometric shapes, and pretend play too.
 Did you have fun making geometric shapes with matchsticks as a kid? Well, i did and i enjoyed it loads. I dont have plenty of matchsticks at home, so used q tips. And we have used these q tips many times. Like using them as a brush to paint as you can see here and also to make crazy creatures, legs for playdoh animal  like here.
I placed these on a black cardstock to provide a nice dark background. Putti first asked if she is going to paint with these. I said 'No, not this time, lets try and make something different'. She wasn’t sure what to make of it at first and asked me to help her. So I suggested we can make alphabets, shapes...anything she likes and made a little triangle for her just to get things started. Then she quickly understood the Play and got right to Work.
And made a square...Ahhhh, now she gets it! A diamond now..
 It was fun to just watch her create  
Putti figured out that she could make a flower too.
 Tried to make a circle and ended up with an Octagon and Once the shapes were “done,” she worked on couple of alphabets.
 Then mixed them up all over create new things
Amma, picture this one!!! 
And then she asked me to make a house for her. So I did and we found a family who needed a home :)
 And then she took this lil girl for a boat ride (I made the boat)
Later she wanted to build a home for all her animals. I visualised a big square with all animals inside them, but she had better plans....
 An individual room for each animal !!
And then we made roads for our cars and trucks to zoom by.
Love how this activity evolved. Finally when it was time for lunch, she did not want to stop it. So i suggested lets make a parking lot for our vehicles and then we will come back to play after lunch.
 But, after lunch we got busy with other things. And in the evening while i was in the kitchen, Putti was working/playing at her chalkboard. After a while she said 'Amma, i made one flower', i thought that she was drawing, I just said "Good, make lots of them putti". She kept giving me a running commentary 'Amma, two' , 'Three' and 'Another'....
I was surprised to see THIS when i came from kitchen, how lovely made all by herself.
It looks like fireworks to me. Guess we can color the q tips and make fireworks for 4th of July!!

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This is Great! I Love activities like this and I know my daughter will love it too! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!!!

What a wonderful way to get kids to learn geometric shapes! We must try this. Pari will love it, I'm sure! Thanks, Roopa for this idea...

This is fabulous! I love how ephemeral it is -- the way it changes from simple shapes to entire dioramas shows how invested she is in figuring out the possibilities of the q-tip medium. we HAVE to try this!!!

I love simple projects and love this idea! Easy to make and lots of play factor involved, fabulous idea!

What a wonderful activity not only for learning but to exercise the imagination! Fantastic!


Oh how lovely! So many different possibilities! I love the little house!

Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty again!


I also think this is fabulous! SO SIMPLE!

Thanks so much for linking this up to It's Playtime this week. I hope to see you again on our playdate next Thursday too.

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

Thanks for linking this up to my "All things Wonderful" Link Party. Your daughter is so creative. Love the idea!

So sweet to play like this! Perfect game for creation!

That is great! I love how you incorproated geometry without even planning to! I am definitely doing this with my kiddos! Thanks for linking up to It's Playtime. I featured this post on my facebook page.

So simple, yet so clever!!! AWESOME! I can't wait to let my little ones try this. Would be a great activity to buy some time to get some chores done. Thanks for the inspiration!

@Rashmie @ MommyLabs Thanks, play based learning is fun right:)

btw, im unable to read ur posts... I can see post title and the photo, but nothing else:((

@rachelle @ tinkerlab A big thanks to you!! Ephemeral and diorams... got me looking into dictionary, big new owrds for me:-)

Great activity! Thank you for all your nice comments! I'm your newest follower!

Thanks all of you for all your comments, likes and sweet words!!

I saw this is the link up. This is the coolest idea I have seen in a long time. This is truly awesome! Thanks for sharing.

This is great! I am a new follower and I would love if you would link this up to Made by Little Hands Mondays!
Thanks so much!

@MichelleThank you! Sure would be glad to link it to your ' Made by little hands'

Great idea with the q tips!

Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday! Hope to see you back this week...

Wow! What a fun and inexpensive activity! Look at all of the things she did with them! Looks like it kept her happy for a while!

Thanks so much for sharing this at For the Kids Friday! I will be posting the next party tomorrow night. I'd love to have you back for more fun this week!

:)rachel at

Lovely to see you at the Play Academy, as always. I'm always looking for ideas for exploring shapes - thanks!

Awesome! Have to write it down as activity and add it to our activity jar! :)

Thanks for adding this post in last week's High paw! Love it!

Thanks Nicolette, Rachel, Cathy and Michelle !! We had fun playing with these:) And thank you all for hosting the linkups, lots of great ideas shared there!

Putti and her father are really lucky to have you in their lives.

Putti and her father are really lucky to have you in their lives.

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