Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tape City on the Wall !!!

There is something exciting about a roll of sticky tape that putti loves to play with it so much. She has made lots of abstract designs and alphabets, some of which you can see here. And also has used for tape resist painting. This time around, I allowed her to decorate our bedroom wall with it. And I love the end results!

This was a total Putti's project. I just gave her roles of colored tape and asked her to decorate the wall. She started with one house...
and went on to make a whole city :)))
My only job here was to hold the tape roll for her while she cut it...

Adding windows and doors...

 This can be a fun rainy day project for kids. Older kids might make some nice landscapes. It is not messy and when you get bored of the art, you can easily pull off the tape (make a tape ball of the pulled off tapes) and design something new!!

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Great project! I think the anniversary of the invention of masking tape is coming up in May, I think I'll do this project then!

So creative! Good Job Putti! I like the blue building with pink windows!

This is so wonderful, Roopa. I really admire Putti's neatness and creativity!

These are great! Cassie would love this tape project! She Loves tape!


Thank you for sharing it, we will make one one day, for sure!


Tape - is there no end to it's uses!

That is great! I love that this was all her idea. That you just gave her the tape and let her create. Where do you find colorful tape? I have to try this with my son.

Thanks for linking up at my blog party. Wonderful ideas. I love your blog.

@phasejumperThanks! I did not know about, thanks for letting us know:) Waiting to see urs..

@MommyLabsThanks! Her neatness aka aiming to perfection leads to meltdown at times

@Art For Little HandsShe has played with tape many times before. These are masking tapes which i bought from amazon. Electric tapes should work too..

Love this idea! My kiddos always love tape. Hadn't thought of using painters tape on the wall as art before. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lovely idea! There is so much you can do with tape.

It really turned out great! Colorful and fun as cheap decoration for kid's room! :)

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