Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Putti's got mail - her first letter !!!

Putti recieved her first letter this week !! A letter written to her from a little girl named Sarah who is a family friend who has now moved back to India. Oh boy! this has created such an excitement in her and she has started to write letters on her own :))
 We pick our mails when we go for our evening walks. And putti has to go through all the letters and read which one is for dad and which is mom’s. She loves dads letters becuase most of them have colorful stamps(he is a philatelist). But this letter looked different and she could not figure it out hence asked me. When I said this letter is for her, first thing she asked me was 'show me my name on it' and it took me a while to convince that its her name as she couldnot recognise the cursive letters :)
When we came home she asked me to read it to her a couple of times and soon said 'I want to write a letter too' !! She sat down to write immediately and for the first time ever she picked up pencil and not a marker (bcos sarah had written in pencil).
Its all her own words that she wrote, I just spelled it for her. I also reminded her to give gaps in between the words (I did it because this letter will be read by a 7yr girl, so wanted to make it legible for her). She also made a pink butterfly like the one sarah had made her, such a copycat;) I am so glad and thankful to sarah and her mom for this :)) 

Putti knows a couple other Sarah's, theres one in her class too. So we went through some of her pictures with this Sarah and talked about her family and all. This is my favotite photo of them.
Putti's dad loves collecting postcards from places we visit. He gets the card signed by people visiting with him and mails it to our home. There are times when the postcard reaches home earlier to us! And ever since putti started to hold a pen 9-10mnths old, he has made her scribble on the cards, which slowly became alphabets and now she writes her name. She gets so excited to see the card in the mailbox with her name in it, the one she wrote!!

She has taught herself to write each letter of the alphabet (though her C, G and S are mirrored ones). She began writing her name 3mnths before her 3rd birthday and could spell and write mine and her dad’s names soon after. She has seen me dating her paintings/drawings and at times labeling too. And ever since she learnt to write the alphabets she has insisted on labeling her drawings herself which you might have noticed in most of the posts. She wrote down the names of her friends on the thank you cards she made for her 3rd birthday. Off course I spelled it for her, but she knew the beginning letter in all of them.
All this labeling and writing has developed a curiosity in her about how to spell everything she hears, sees, reads.  She knows how to spell 'hand' and 'foot' thanks to the enumerous hand and foot tracing she does and labels!! She also can spell other words like tree, leaf, flower, face again thanks to the spring flowers she has been making :)  She is not making words, just knows these because of repetition. She has now learnt the 'AT' and 'OP' family words, thanks to Dr Seuss's books !!
She goes to a play-based preschool two half days a week since last September, and I haven’t emphasized much on learning to read and write in our house yet. Also we talk to her only in our native language Kannada at home except while reading English books. So her english vocabulary is sort of limited compared to other kids her age.
I think I need to start playing some reading, spelling and writing games with her to encourage her !!  How do you encourage writing at your home?

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Oh how lovely! It is great to get children interested in writing and reading!!!


Hi Putti Amma!
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Thanks so much! Stephanie

Oh, I sooo love the process of learning to read! I love how sometimes it's a daily unfolding of magic and joy.
Seeing my son learn it organically (with words like Jurassic :) ) was such an amazing thing!
Madeleine's learning is slow right now (she has other things she's working on, don't you know ;) ), but I imagine hers will be swift and fierce.
I can't wait!

Receiving real letters is something magical isn't it!

My girls are just now able to write well enough that we are discussing the idea of a pen pal... so exciting!

This is a fabulous illustration of how to just include letters and writing as part of your everyday lives, so children can absorb them. Lovely post - thanks for sharing with us at the Play Academy.

Well done Putti! :) We made some Easter cards and I have written with pencil "Happy Easter" for little one and she traced over it with pen. Then I erased the pencil. It looked great. :) Well, we're still little ;)

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