Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Patio garden and putti's planting project !!

Hemanth had a huge garden at home in India growing coconut, pomogranate, cinnamon, pepper, coffee, lots of vegetables, ornamentals, flowering plants, 15-20 bonsais! He misses all that here in US. We have maintained a little garden in pots in our patio for the past 3yrs. And putti has been loving playing garden with us. Here's a peek to how our patio garden looked....
 French Beans
 Curry Leaves
 Bell pepper
Leafy Veg
But this year because we have to move soon from this place, we did not plant anything new just retaining the old plants. And this year putti helped us a lot too...

 And also did this simple planting activity to show putti how plants grow. I chose black mustard seeds (Spice) because they are available in my pantry and grows very fast too. Grass seeds should be a good alternative. Used a clear container so that putti can see the roots too. Putti really loved the whole activity. Everyday first thing in the morning she would run to see how big her plant had grown. And she learnt that plants grow when you add water and sunlight to seeds in soil and you wait. (Sorry no pictures of Day 0)

Day 1 - Can you see the seeds have already sprouted here..
 Day 2
 Day 3
 Day 4
 Day 5
We read the book 'Ten Seeds' by Ruth brown. This book shows how the seeds grow.... first a root comes out, then roots multiply, and then tiny plant with 1-2 leaves, then big plant with plenty of leaves and then a flower (sunflower), then it gives more seeds for next time. It also explains the various threats a seed faces. And how out of 10 seeds only one gets to became a big plant with flower. Putti loved this book and also learnt terms like seedling, shoot, etc.

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This is Great! You really have a wonderful patio garden! Thanks for sharing!

When I first saw those plants, (particularly with the full peppers!) I was like, "What?!?" :) - seein's how ours are tiniest seedlings.

Beautiful! How divine to grow cinnamon and coffee.

I'm looking foward to seeing how these babies grow!

wonderful little project. I love all the lush plants!

My daughter would love this! I will have to show her when she wakes up :) She has just been bitten by the Gardening Bug, and yesterday we began planning our Winter Vege Patch. Your plants all look so hearty and healthy, and your girl looks so happy. Lovely.

What an incredible patio garden. It is so interesting to see things that we do not grow here.

That's beautiful Green decor! I wish I could have a garden too:-(

Wow! What an amazing gardening space! Wonderful!


I love seeing children getting their hands dirty in the garden - what a wonderful learning experience and a great way to get young kids to form those valuable connections with the natural world.

Thanks everyone for stopping and for all your comments! The credit goes to my hubby who is very passionate about plants!!!

We're growing quite a lot of different fruit and veg this year - so beneficial for children to see where their food comes from.

O My! Roopa your patio garden took my breath away!
How therapeutic it must be for your family and for Putti especially. I can see the joy and wonder on her face seeing the seeds germinate and sprout and grow into saplings...

We just moved to a new house and are now all set to start our balcony gardening!

Thank you Cathy and Rashmie! @Rashmie, this is all my hubby dear work mostly. Have fun gardenin!

Lovely to see those plants grow - and so quickly! We are starting a new Outdoor Play linky party this coming Friday, May 5th, and would love it if you came by and linked this up!

Roopa, this garden is just wonderful. I can't seem to be able to grow anything. And didn't Putti's little plants grow quickly. It must be so wonderful to have this garden, I can only imagine how beautiful it must smell.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope to see you again next week.

Thanks for coming by to share this! (and I see I got the dates mixed up in my last comment - sorry about that!). Hope to see you again next week.

Your spring flowers looks really pretty. I love how vibrant their color is and I would love to have this on my garden. I hope to see more trees on your garden though.

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Learning and doing some gardening stuff at that young age in this generation is such unbelievable, we all know how technologies poisoned our youth today, I can see the future of that child, well I can't blame you at all, leaving with that greeny patio will really pull you to become one of a kind even though it's not your priority.

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