Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hand and Fingerprint Spring Mural

If you saw our spring post last week you know that our house is getting filled with these colorful flowers that she is making. And since putti is into spring drawings right now i thought this is the perfect time to make big size a spring painting with her. And after seeing this i knew what to do.

I rolled out a piece from our easel paper. And She just dipped her palm in green paint to make grass. And then i painted the side of her forearm with brown for the stem. Then she made the green handprints for leaves (which she has done before in our family tree). And then hand print yellow sun.

And here’s how she made flowers... fingerprints!
And then the butterflies,  I helped her with the body and antennae..

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oooh! My daughter would love this! she loves painting her hands!

I've added you to my blog list/side bar!!! You have so many endless great ideas!

She did a wonderful job on the mural. I especially like her butterflies :).


This is lovely! Fun, simple...yet,oh, so beautiful! It's joyful to look at!

Wendy @Kidlutions

Oh a beautiful spring picture! love how big it is and that it is all handprints and fingerprints! Lovely! Artful Adventures is doing a collection of kids artwork - - bet she would love you to join :-)

And thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty - keep 'em coming!!!


Thanks for adding this to Mini-Masterpieces - it's a beautiful mural, and I love the use of hand-prints in it.

What a wonderful mural. I love all the details.

That is so beautiful! I love the idea of putting a disposable table cloth under to keep it less messy.

I love the ideas you have shared on your blog here. The spring mural looks lovely. I want to try it out with my kids too. I'm following you on google friend.

@Melissa I am sure you will have fun doing this, would love to see ur pics with ur artistic touch:)
And thank you so much for adding us on ur side bar, you r very encouraging!

@MJ Well she has been playing a lot with her Melissa dough rainbow inkpad, guess thats helped her with these. I did help her a bit with butterflies:)

@Dr.D.T.krishna Murthy.Thank you so much for all ur kind words. I have visited and read a couple of ur posts, they do bring back my med school memories (Iam from KIMS blore).
Will visit gain to read more

@maggy, red ted artThanks!! We rarely do BIG art bcos its hard for me to preserve them. Most bic art projects is when we need gift wrappers:)
Thank you for letting me know about 'Mini Masterpieces' :)

Thanks again for hosting

Putti has done an amazing job on this! Love the fact that it's so big, it can become a wall art for her room. Finger printing is always so much fun. The results come out good and gives the kid an experience of 'touch and feel'.

Thank you Krissa, JDaniel4's Mom and Wendy!! Feels good to read all your comments.

@My Oatmeal KissesThat is table cloth has saved us a lot of times:)
This would be a great outdoor activity, but since we live in an apt on 2nd floor that option is ruled out unless we go out to a park which would be nice too!

@Rashmie @ MommyLabsThank you!! Its now adorning one of our living room wall:)
And yes, thats right she loves hand/finger and footprints:)

Handprints are so much fun for kids! Thanks for sharing at It's Playtime!

Rachele @ Messy Kids

What a fun project - super for the kids to get all messy and a nice record of their hand/foot size, too. I would take a photo to preserve this memory ;)

Thank you Rachel and Last minute Mel ! We love handprint activities as it gives a personal feeling:))

awesome, I love it! come visit us at sometime. :)

Thanks Brianna! Loved ur writing space, u have lots of ideas im ur new follower:)

Gorgeous, so bright and colourful. Thanks for linking to We Play this week :)

tumba chennagidhe putti. i like dit vey much. i live in doha. nanna prapancha bandhu nodee on

Thanks Jui Baliga!! ninna prapancha kooda colorful aagide, khushi aaytu nodi:)

Such a fun craft and very colourful and pretty! Thanks so much for sharing this with our Spring Carnival. :) Just wanted to let you know that I featured your post here:

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