Monday, April 25, 2011

Folded Magazine Wall Art

Well this is a very simple craft to do, yet it looks stunning on the wall. All you need is some magazines with colorful print and patience to fold the pages!!
I have a good friend living nearby who amazes me with her creativity! Each time I visit her, theres something new she has painted, created, or a new recipe. How I wish she had a blog to share her wonderful ideas.
This was inspired by her. She was working on the Interiors of another friends house and had made one of these. She said she would make 8 of them to decorate the wall. I immediately fell in love it. And I had to try it, so googled it. But the trick was 'what to search for?' and after several tries 'Magazine wall art' did it !! I saw this on Apartment Therapy. It has photos about how to fold the pages too. And this search introduced me to lots of new websites with plenty of simple DIY which non craftsy persons like me can do too. And have tried couple of them.

I am not a craftsy person and you people may not believe it now but my family and friends know it. I have not done anything artsy/craftsy until I started doing with Putti :) So I am now in a way indebted to my friend for opening the new doors for me:)

And what I love about such home decor is the fact that they dont cost a fortune (infact Free execpt for ur time) and so you can keep removing making something new!

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Nice Wall decor Roopa! What a coincidence we did a mountain with magazines. Will share it soon!

Thanks Esther! This is a 4 old project just sharing now:) Sound intersting and im sure it would be great with ur creative genes:) Will wait for ur mountain!

Did 1. My daughter(18 months)loved it by moving her fingers over the folded ones.

I love 'Apartment Therapy' blog. I'm an avid DIY person and decorate my home primarily with my recycled/upcycled DIY show pieces. Thanks for sharing this, Roopa. I must try...

Thats nice your daughter enjoyed it too. Putti wasnt around when i made this, should try with her sometime again!

I can see that in your posts! You should give us a virtual tour of ur home corners sometime:)

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