Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Building with Slotted Cards - a failed project !!

I had almost forgot about this until i saw an exciting link (about playground made of cardboard) posted by Tinkerlab today on their facebook page. Thats when I decided to share this even though it did not work the way i expected it to. But I do believe that if made in a correct way this has lots of potential and would offer kids a playful way to develop spatial thinking and let them experiment with balance.
Remember the wool webs and stars we made sometime ago. They are a big hit with putti now and she has tried it with other shapes like heart, diamond, tear drop etc. And one day while playing with those cards putti ended up joining the two cards and thats how this idea was born.
 I wanted to expand the idea and the first thought that came to mind was using cereals box. But I opted for a short cut method to avoid cutting cards(lazy me)! Also thought making the cards colorful would be exciting for putti. So I scanned through my paint chip collection but i dint have many left and i found these cards which i think are granite sample paper. Though not brightly colored, wanted to try these. Using glue stick I glued 2 of these back to back. Then after it dried I cut little slits with scissors. I made 2 cuts very close to each other at a slight angle and pulled off the card in between. (Hope you understand what i mean.. see the pic below to get an idea).

Initial tryouts...
Look, Amma !! I did it :-) 
The basic 5 card structure...
 Expanding the building...
  Putti did find building with these cards exciting. But i consider them a failure because they were sort of wobbly, especially when the structure got bigger. Dont know if thats because the cards were not too thick or if because i cut the slots randomly (not at the same depth all sides).

Today after seeing  this  a whole playground made of cardboards I searched on web for something similar to fix the issues we had and found some exciting ideas like Slotted Discs made by Joel and Cardboard Screens.

And now all this is very encouraging and I will definetly try this again with some modifications. Stay tuned for the updates!! Also I am going to share/ link to the blog parties too because i think with all the creative poeple out there, somebody might have a better idea to make this work. And if you do try, please do share with us your stories:))
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I think this looks great! It looks like your daughter had a good time and learned something! You sound like your on to something! I enjoy your posts!

Yes she did enjoy these though the structures were unstable/ wobbly. It was not a total waste, but with improvement has lots of play:)
I am now geared to try again and also hoping creative minds like you and other artists/teachers/parents will come up with a better idea!!

Thank you.

Aaah shame it didn't work out "perfectly" the first time round! But glad you are going to have another go - great to learn from each other about what works and what doesn't!!

Thank you for stopping by at Kids Get Crafty!


I was not hoping for 'perfection'. But the wobbly nature of these cards got me worried that it might frustrate putti when the structures she made would not 'stand' well.
Maybe if i had searched for inspiration i would not have had this problem.
Thanks and thanks for hosting, see thats the reason i link up to be inspired and learn from other people:)

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