Thursday, March 24, 2011

More family art from past...

I was going through the photos of our arts and crafts and just realised we have more to link to march's artsy craftsy. So here they are...
Amma and putti which was when we tried our hands on pointillism. This was done with qtips, not the exact pointillsm but putti loved the process.
I drew these guys and these are our play spoon puppets. We each hold a spoon puppet and talk to the other.
Spoon family
This was done during her christmas break. First she made one snowman and then wanted to make a whole family.
Playdough family as seen here. First made a small ball and rolled it flat. Added face details and for the hairs we used the funfactory .
Had received these little magnetic photo frames in some stall last yr. After putti did crayon rubbing on it said 'amma these can be made like faces'. And she drew the facial features:)
crayon rubbing family

One more crayon rubbing. Putti bought these little red paper people from school, which we had used to make a crayon rubbing.
Family member's portraits as drawn by putti here.

And the bear family which was actually done to go with the 'The three bear' story. But she always calls them amma appa and putti bear:))
Happily sharing all these with March Artsy Craftsy.

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:) lovely art. How do u preserve these paintings?? Do u frame them? file them? Or just take pics? Lil p does a lot of stuff too.. n i'm unsure what to do with them.

How lovely! The snowman family is particularly cute... :)

Thanks shurthi! Well as of now i put the latest ones here on her art wall which i rotate every mnth, then most go into file protectors and are filed. Im not sure what to do with the 3D art/craft works..
btw, google search for 'kids art display' and u get such great ideas...

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