Monday, December 6, 2010

Putti's artwork published in a book !!!

Putti's art contribution made it into Memetale's first edition of the Collective Creativity Books! Here is the link to the finished book "Being Thankful". You can read the preview when you click on the book's image. Sahitya's work is featured on page 6. Create a login and you can read the full book for free 2 times.
As you see on the book page, all profits from the sale of the book are going towards helping kids in Tanzania through the non-profit EpicChange.

When I asked Putti what/ whom does she want to say 'Thanks' to and why? Her answers were
  • Trees -I am thankful to the trees, because they give me fruits to eat, pine cones to play(she loves them) and when i grow BIG like appa i will climb up the tree to get honey from it like pooh bear :)
  • 'Appa' her dad - I thank my appa for taking me everywhere in his red car and for playing with me. 
  • 'Ratna Aunty' - Her group dance co-ordinator. I thank ratna aunty  for making me dance. I like ratna aunty!
Thank you so much Memetales once again for involving us! I am amazed at the creativity in all the kids :) We are now eagerly waiting to get a copy of the printed book!!

Being Thankful
Being Thankful
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congratulations! an honor definitely!:) way to go putti.

Chaitra Nama says
Hats off!! Hipp hipp hurraay

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