Friday, October 22, 2010

Artsy Craftsy October 2010 !!

Thanks to Shruthi for hosting a contest every month on her blog. This month's theme was 'Playdoh/ Clay'. Playdoh had taken a back seat these days at home. I am so glad we played  with this gooey stuff again, thanks to shruthi for the inspiration.

Here's what we did ...
Crazy cottonbud creatures inspired by 'Mister Maker'. Here i have used playdoh instead of clay. Also we painted the cotton buds before putting them into the playdoh, made it very easy for putti :) But older kids can follow his instructions !

                  Our Crazy Cottonbud Creatures
  • Clay and cottonbud farm animals again inspired by Mister maker. This time too we used playdoh and not clay. We painted the cottonbuds ahead. And here's our sheep, piggie and chicken !!

  • Our family(used funfactory to make hairs), halloween pumpkins(drew lines with a toothpick to make ridges ) and caterpillar all with play doh again. More playdoh

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    Nice creative art work. Blog layout changed as Putti grows.. Nice layout

    Thank you sir. We missed you here... Im sure ur lil one is keeping you busy. Best wishes to the baby:)
    Yes sir, i had to make some changes and i will keep it the same for loooong now!!

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