Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Shakti!!!

Putti's friend Shakti is Two today! Putti says 'Appy you you... sati' !

on Putti's Cradle ceremony ..Valentines Day - 1.5 months Putti with 7 months ShaktiAt a recent Playdate...

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nice photos! puttige alli tumba friends iddaare anta nodi khushi aaytu:)

Hi Roopa, putti aramiddala? eedina puttiprapancha blog nodide. thumba chennagide. enu aa padagala bannane? entha padagala jodane? aa chitrakke sariyada varnaneye ide.

Oh Roopa.... we both just loved it.. i want take a printout, but couldn't do it bcz script is not supporting, let me know how i can take printout of this ?

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